How does Dropcontact modify my file?

Encoding and columns are automatically recognized

All email addresses have been verified with our own service, if they are wrong we have moved them into the field "Note".

The email addresses are also qualified: generic (sales@, home@, contact@...) / nominative, but also Personal (Gmail, Hotmail..), Disposable (Yopmail...), Pro domain ....

On all contact forms with First Name, Last Name and Company Name (and not necessarily the domain name), we add the Pro email address (currently we provide the professional email address in 25 to 50% of cases)

The first name is corrected (uppercase, accented characters also)

The civility is added, which allows to finally use the functions of the emailing solutions to adjust correctly the words according to the gender

Added LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook profile links, Corporate Website, Corporate Logo

If I have several contact files, is it possible to get only one with all the corrections?

Yes thanks to the merging of files, available at the top left on the "File History" page. To do this, select all the files by clicking on the white square next to the "Merge files" button and then click on the button. You can also select them one by one by checking the white square next to the name of each file.

The "Merge Files" button allows you to merge your data into a single file