How does Dropcontact differ from existing solutions?

Here is how our service differs from existing solutions

An all-in-one solution: where you should use one tool to check your emails, another to duplicate your contacts then another to enrich social networks and another to enrich companies etc. Dropcontact performs all these operations in the same solution**. We provide you with a complete service and you save time by centralising all these time-consuming tasks.

One of the most reliable solutions on the market thanks to high performance email verification scores: we have developed our own algorithms, on our own servers, which allows us to establish the validity of the email addresses we test. After checking your contacts with our service, if you do not target catch-all emails, you will get bounces rates below 5%. We also detect errors reported by other email verification services. In some cases our competitors will give you email addresses that they have considered valid but these are actually false (bounces).

We find professional emails based on the following information: first name/name/company name, whether you have no email, with a personal email or a generic email. Then we provide the professional nominative email address in 45 to 65% of the cases.

The file import of contacts is ultra-simple : you just drag & drop your file. No mapping error, columns are recognized. Unlike most current solutions, encoding problems (utf-8 etc.) are also solved internally. If your file crashed and the encoding was destroyed we rebuild it. So you don't have to do anything to delete, edit or correct harmful characters when adding a file. In the same way we receive your txt, csv, or xls files without format distinction and without conversion to realize.

File Merge: You don't have to gather all your information after using different competing solutions. Dropcontact allows you to merge all your uploaded files to create a unique database of contacts even if you had different column names. All your contact information is consolidated and gathered.

Dropcontact is also: the addition of automatic civility to more simply adjust all your communications and emails, the automatic correction of first names (accents, capital letters etc.) and the distribution of surnames and first names in the correct fields (inversion of surname/first name), the standardization of all your data and the merging of your contact data even when they have no common field or the reconstitution of companies from email.

A detailed reporting of the corrections made on your data. Example:

invalid emails
validated emails

gender/civilities added
first names added
names added
corrected first names

companies added
company identified and enriched
company website
company phone number

And much more...