Dropcontact checked all your email addresses :

All email addresses are composed of an address and a domain. We qualify each of them in order to give you more details ( For instance : generic@perso, nominative@pro, …)

The Domain :

@pro : the domain is associated to a company (for example : @apple.com).

@perso : the domain is private (for example : @gmail.fr, @hotmail.fr, @yahoo.fr).

invalid : the domain is fake, email addresses are moved to « Note ».

Addresse :

nominative : the email address is associated to a person (for example : dave.smith@)

generic : Unlike traditional email addresses associated with a person, these addresses are based on roles or functions (such as admin@, support@, contact@,...). These are so-called "generic" addresses of a company, a department...

Most of the time, they are used for automatic replies and for the distribution of several recipients and are not intended for personal use.

These emails are little read, so it is not necessary to shoot them.

non_confirm : You have to keep in mind that it is not always possible to verifiy an email address because of catch-all email addresses.

companies can easily set up their mail boxe servers in catch-all. It means that the server accepts all email addresses with this domain, even if the address does not exist. In that case, it is impossible to know if the address if valid or not.

email addresses will disappear without ever having a reader, or a recipient. Do not waste your time to shoot these addresses for nothing.

random : these addresses are wrong or uses for tests. There are not associated to a person or a company.

invalid : these addresses don’t exist, email addresses are moved to « Note ».

Color code :

blue : corresponds to informations about the person (last name, first name, civility, email addresses, social networks,...)

pink : corresponds to the qualification of emails :

light pink : is the nominative @perso.
dark pink : is the generic @perso.

pale purple : is the nominative @pro, @random.
very dark purple : is the generic @pro.
dark purple : groups together no_confirm adresses and catch-all addresses.
purple "Notes" : section where you can find invalid emails.

green : corresponds to informations and enrichments on the company.